It is very important that you know what the chemicals that we are exposed to in our environment on a daily basis.  Whatever we put in or on our body enters into our bloodstream and eventually affects our thinking and our thinking affects our mental health.

Image of the human brain

Mindset is Everything

Thinking is one of the most basic in human activities. It drives everything that we do and how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Our thinking belongs to us however our thinking can influenced by things outside of our control. Many times our mood is affected by what we are thinking about but it is also affected by how we feel and if we are ill or don’t feel well it is difficult to think correctly.

Its been proven that illegal and illicit drugs impair thinking because of the psychological affect that the chemicals have on the thought process and decision making faculties. Because of the release of dopamine in the brain these drugs lure their unsuspecting victims with an artificial euphoria. The negative affect of these drugs are staggering to say the least because the intensity of the euphoria is more important than dealing with the negative consequences that result from the drug abuse.

There are chemicals everywhere. In fact, our bodies are nothing more than a walking talking chemistry lab.  Everyday we eat food which has the nutrients that we need for strength and energy, and we excrete toxic waste after the food is digested.

So every chemical that we ingest (orally), absorb (the skin) or inhale (the lungs) is absorbed into the blood stream after is it filtered through the liver. If the chemical is not able to be broken down then it is placed into waste to be excreted later. If there is a chemical that your cannot break down it can cause real cell or organ damage. Sometimes the damage is immediate and other times it can take years to surface.  We really don’t even really know the extent of the damage that a lot of these chemicals cause but there is evidence that our recent concerns are real.

Clean Water

Many people may not realize it but everything that we put in or on our body affects our brain and our brain affects how we think and how we think affects our behavior. We can’t live without water so it is important that we have enough clean water everyday. We not only need clean water to drink, but we need it to bath, cook and wash clothes so water is very essential to our very survival.

In order for us to stay healthy we must drink water or some sort of liquid containing H2O on a daily basis. There are a lot of people that do not like water so they substitue it with soda, coffee, tea or some other beverage. Regardless of how you get your fluids it is important that you stay well hydrated in order to maintain good health.

The problem is that much of the water that comes directly out of the faucets don’t taste very well and sometimes contain contaminants. According to the USGS 1 in 5 gound water contained contaminants as a result of studying 6,600 wells and doing over 1.3 million chemical analysis. (You can read more about the study here).

Because there are so many different types of toxins in many of our water supplies it is important that we citizens stay vigilant in identifying any toxins that many appear in the water in our communities.


If you have any questions or concersn about the water safety in your community you can contact youre local State Certified Labrotory to Perform a test.

Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791 or visit the State Certified Drinking Water Laboratories list.

The main indicators of bad tap water (Drink Flow Water)

  • Cloudy water or water with floating particles
  • Unpleasant odor like chlorine or sulfur
  • Unusual metallic or fishy taste

Drinking Dirty Water Can Cause the Following: (EPA: Drinking Water)

  • gastrointestinal illnesses,
  • nervous system or
  • reproductive effects
  • chronic diseases such as cancer
Water Is Safety
Get a Water Filter

When I was growing up we didn’t have plastic water bottles. Now a days they are everywhere and they are very toxic for our environment. Also much of the water that is in the bottles is just filtered ground water. So you are actually paying for something that is free it is just bottled up with a fancy label.

Getting a water filter for tap water can help reduce exposure to contaminants, improve taste and odor, protect plumbing and appliances, save money and reduce waste, and provide peace of mind.


Install a Shower Filter

Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on your body it is important that you are showering with clean water and chean chemicals.  Getting a shower filter for your home shower can help improve the quality and safety of the water, reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and heavy metals, and improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair.

Contact Your Local Utility Company
Air Safety
Get a Air Filter

If you live in the city or if you have allergies an air filter may be a necessity because in many places smog is becoming a real problem. 


Air Particles
Particulate matter (PM): PM is a mixture of small particles and liquid droplets that are suspended in the air. These particles can come from a variety of sources, including car exhaust, industrial emissions, and wildfires. PM can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems, especially in people with pre-existing conditions like asthma or heart disease.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): VOCs are chemicals that are emitted by a variety of products, including paints, solvents, and cleaning supplies. Exposure to VOCs can cause headaches, nausea, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx): NOx is a group of gases that are produced when fossil fuels are burned. These gases can contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain, and can also cause respiratory problems.

Ozone: Ozone is a gas that is formed when NOx and VOCs react in the presence of sunlight. It can irritate the respiratory system and worsen asthma symptoms.

Carbon monoxide (CO): CO is a gas that is produced when fuels are burned. Exposure to high levels of CO can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea, and can be fatal in some cases.

Monitor Your Air

By monitoring the air quality in your home, you can take steps to reduce your exposure to harmful pollutants and improve your overall health and well-being. 

You can monitor your air at home by 

  1. Air Quality Monitors: These are devices that measure the levels of pollutants in the air, such as particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). They can provide real-time data and alert you when levels are above safe limits.

  2. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: These are devices that specifically detect the presence of carbon monoxide, which is an odorless and colorless gas that can be deadly in high concentrations.

  3. Radon Test Kits: Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can seep into homes from the ground. Radon test kits can measure the levels of radon in your home and determine if they are above safe limits.

  4. HVAC Filters: High-efficiency HVAC filters can help trap pollutants before they enter your home’s air supply. Be sure to change your filters regularly.

  5. Indoor Plants: Certain types of plants, such as snake plants, spider plants, and peace lilies, can help improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants from the air.

Clean Air

If you live in a city you will notice that the air quality goes down the more vehicles that are on the road. Because so many of us are busy with day to day life that we  sometimes ignore the fact that the air is getting worse until we start to feel it in our lungs. For some people the air quality does not bother them but for others it has become a real issue.

Air quality concerns are not only referring to the air quality in our streets but also in our own homes. Many homes were built with substances that have toxic materials in them that you may not be aware of until it starts to affect your breathing. Even if you are confident in knowing that your home has clean air filters it is recommended that you purchase a quality  air purifier especially if you have small children.

air purifiers can be effective at removing certain pollutants from indoor air by drawing air through a filter. However, it is important to choose the right type and size of air purifier for the specific pollutants and room size.


Don’t Be Overwhelmed

If this is the first time that you are hearing about how toxins affect our health you are not alone. Millions of people throughout the US don’t truly understand the dangers that we are in. It is time that we look out for ourselves and hold the government agencies that are responsible for keeping our water and air clean. Nayah Natural continues to provide research from reputable organizations to keep you informed on what to look our for in order to keep you and your family safe from these hidden dangers.

We live in an industrialized nation so it is almost impossible to avoid everything. the best thing that we can do is educate ourselves on how to remain vigilant.

clean clear cold drink

Safe Water Initiative

Learn how to make sure your water is healthy by testing it for purity. Learn more

Harmful Chemicals
Why is there harmful chemicals in our environment, our air, our food and in our products? That is a great question and without making it sound like a conspiracy theory I will explain why we are facing some if the challenges that we are facing today.

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