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All health begins in the mind and changing bad habits for good ones. Read More

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Learn how to make sure your water is healthy by testing it for purity. Learn more


Learn more about what your skin does and how you can care for it effectively. Click Here


Unfortunately there are a lot of toxic chemicals in the everyday products that we use. Read More


Everything that you put in and on your body enters your blood stream. Anything that goes into your bloodstream eventually affect your brain.  Read More


A healthy mindest leads to healthy hygiene. When you are at your best frame of mind you tend to take care of yourself especially when it comes to washing your body of dirt, grime and toxins. Many people don’t realize that what you use to wash with is just as important as washing itself.

There are a lot of commercial soap products out there that claim to be good for your skin but in reality they contain chemical ingredients that are not as healthy as they claim to be.

Parabens. …
Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) …
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) …
Methylisothiazolinone & Methylchloroisothiazolinone. …
Cocamidopropyl betaine. …
are just some of the chemical ingredients included in popular soaps marketed to the masses. Some of these chemicals have mild irritations to the skin and others have been linked to cancer causing carcinogens. Regardless of what these products claim about the chemicals . Learn more about how these chemicals affect your skin. Read More


All you really have is your health but many of us never think about it until it’s too late. The first step to being healthy is to learn more about your environment and what may be lurking in our everyday products that many be causing potential health issues. Unfortuately although we have several government agencies that supposed to look out for public safety when it comes to the ingredients that are in some products often they fail to correct or even find the problem until product has affected the health of the consumer.

The FDA, EPA, HHS and the CDC are the current systems used to protect the health of the public by detecting  unhealthy chemicals in our personal care products. Although there are methods in place many of these unhealthy chemicals still make it into our homes and on our bodies. In several cases people have been able to bring the problem to public attention and obtain financial retribution for their illness but it’s difficult to prove that a persons cancer or illness is linked to a single product.

Usually when there is a civil litigation it is based on a whistle blower that releases the company’s internal documents that reveal that the company was aware of health risks yet refused to inform the public or remove the dangerous chemical from the product. There are several cases where large companies have neglected to place the health of their customers over the company profits.

Lean more about how your health is affected.

Natural Health

It is our responsibility to know what we are putting in and on our body. Don’t depend on a company or government agency to educate you on the chemicals used in their products.  Read More

Natural Skincare

Your skin absorbs 60% – 70% of chemicals into the skin within 26 seconds. Read More


The skin is an amazing organ because it covers and protect the whole body from the outside elements. When someone looks at you the first thing that they notice is your skin because it is one of the main indicators of your overall health. The skin is elastic, durable and absorbant which makes it resistant to the elements but sensitive to chemicals. For instance, if you are swimming you will not drown because your body is submerged in water as long as you are able to breath. However, if you are in water that has toxic substances in it your skin will absorb the chemical and will eventually affect your health.

There are many different types of substances out there that may just cause minor skin irritation and others that can cause cancerous lesions if used long enough. In many ways its difficult to tell which chemicals have what long term affects because it’s not until enough people come together to share their experiences that we find out that the cause is the same product.


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Nayah Natural is a home-based business that provides individuals with healthy alternatives to toxic cosmetic chemicals. We create, promote, and distribute all-natural organic skincare products while educating others on the benefits of using them.

There are a lot of products out there that are not healthy and sometimes people use them anyway because they do not know that there are alternatives out there that are just as good. Many times people do not even understand the dangers of some of the chemicals in personal care products and fall victim to illnesses but never are able to attribute the illness to the product.

We welcome you to browse our online store to find amazing organic and natural skin care products at reasonable prices. We have taken the time to review all of the products on our website and pick only the natural or organic products that are the best for your health and the environment.

Natural Mindset

All health begins in the mind and changing bad habits for good ones. Read More

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