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Natural Skincare

Your skin absorbs 60% – 70% of chemicals into the skin within 26 seconds. Read More


The skin is an amazing organ because it covers and protect the whole body from the outside elements. When someone looks at you the first thing that they notice is your skin because it is one of the main indicators of your overall health. The skin is elastic, durable and absorbant which makes it resistant to the elements but sensitive to chemicals. For instance, if you are swimming you will not drown because your body is submerged in water as long as you are able to breath. However, if you are in water that has toxic substances in it your skin will absorb the chemical and will eventually affect your health.

There are many different types of substances out there that may just cause minor skin irritation and others that can cause cancerous lesions if used long enough. In many ways its difficult to tell which chemicals have what long term affects because it’s not until enough people come together to share their experiences that we find out that the cause is the same product.


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