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Welcome to Nayah Natural we are dedicated to providing you with information and resources to help you make the best decision for your skincare needs.


The main reason it is important to avoid toxic chemicals is to protect your mind. Read More

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Provide ways that you can make sure that your water is clean and safe. Learn more


Learn more about what your skin does and how you can care for it effectively. Click Here

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Natural Mindset

Knowing the chemical ingredient in a product is the first step in knowing how it may be affecting your health.  Read More

Knowledge is Power

Nayah Natural is a home-based business that provides individuals with healthy alternatives to toxic cosmetic chemicals. We create, promote, and distribute all-natural organic skincare products while educating others on the benefits of using organic alternatives to improve their health. write a 2000 word article on how important it is for people to know the affects of the products that they use and the health implications. Also within the article include the following:

We create handmade all natural and organic soaps, lotions and powders, perfect for infants, elderly and those with sensitive skin. (Elaborate on this sentence by describing why organic and all natural soaps, lotions and powders are better for their overall health). On our website we also promote all natural and organic skincare products on the market by leading trusted brands in the industry.

We also educate people on the ingredients that are in the commercial products that are being sold in our stores everyday and how some of the products have concerning health risks. We also provide in depth research on how the human body responds to exposure to certain chemicals and how it affects mood, behavior and overall health.

Natural Mindset

Many of the man made chemicals used in our products may not be healthy for us to be exposed to. Read More

All Health is Mental Health

The way that we feel about ourselves, and others is directly related to the things that we are thinking about. Our thoughts drive our emotions and our behavior and one of the main factors of how we feel is what we are exposed to.

If we are ingesting chemicals or if we are exposed to a toxic environment, it will be reflected in how we feel and how we behave. Granted not all behavior can be attributed to toxic exposure and is certainly not an excuse for negative behavior but it may explain some of the root causes of the rise in anxiety, anger and depression.

Nayah Natural is a collection of over 3 years of intense research into some of America’s toxic products on the market and how they affect the human body.

We will provide you with the knowledge that you need in order to make healthy decisions for you and your family. Also, we will provide you with alternative products and services that are more healthy for you and the environment.

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